Our Clients

Based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Cirrus9 is an east coast tech success story.

We deliver the expertise and infrastructure to compete with the world’s largest cloud providers, with the support and attention from people who really care about your business needs.

Founded in 2010, we serve both public and private sector clients throughout North America, in the following sectors:

  • Automotive – We support a service management provider who serves more than 500 auto dealers.
  • Energy – We provide services to many small and large clients involved in various energy sectors.
  • Financial Services – We support  and comply with numerous security programs in the financial industry.
  • Healthcare – We provide services to one of the top five international electronic medical record (EMR) providers.
  • Telecom – We support  a client who is a leader in video monitoring, and a global low latency network provider.
  • Transportation – We provide services to various large trucking firms, and a SAAS provider to the global airline industry.

cirrus9 is a Cloud Service Provider in Canada

A VMware Hybrid Cloud
Powered™ provider.

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